Creating Equal Opportunities for a good


Developing Leadership to ensure all Children have the Opportunity to fulfil their Potential.

Why We Exist

500,000 children of primary and secondary school age that are out of school in Zambia.



Out-of school rates of 26.9% among primary school age children from the poorest families compared to only 4.3 % among children from the richest families.

Source: United Nations Children’s Fund, Zambia.Global Initiative on OUT-OF-SCHOOL CHILDREN Read more .

87.9% of children in Zambia enroll in primary school.


Source: United Nations Children’s Fund. Read more

What we are doing

The Opportunity

The circumstances children are born into predict the opportunities they will have in life, Teach For Zambia has learned that dramatic progress is possible. It takes bold, grounded leaders working together, inside and outside of schools, fighting for the aspirations of children and their families.

How you can help

break the cycle of Educational Inequity.

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